Eddy King - Ride Then Walk

Updated: May 26

IMAGES: Sterling Lorence

If you were around bikes in the eighties then the name Eddy King should bring back some memories. In the heyday of BMX Eddy King was one of the best before retiring in 1989 at the tender age of 24. For those of the mountain bike persuasion, you’ll remember the name Mike King, Eddy’s younger brother who went on to win the ’93 Downhill World Championships in Metabief, France. While Eddy spent a number of years focusing on his real estate business and other aspects of life post-retirement, cycling eventually came back to him. Unfortunately this lead to a life-changing accident - thankfully, ebikes are still allowing him to get back out and shred. We caught up to talk about bikes, motors, and how it's all going.

A: So to tell you the truth I know of your name more through your brother Mike as it was around the time he won the worlds that I really got into bikes.

E: He’s really my mountain bike connection. When I quit BMX racing in ’88 my brother excelled a little bit at BMX but more or less the MTB side of it, and my conversation with him was that if he really wanted to make a career out of it he should step up into the mountain bikes as that’s where the growth really was. I was already 23 and he was still 18 years old and his prime was still coming. And then he won the Worlds in France in ’93 and they announced that over the PA at Interbike which was pretty awesome. Everyone went crazy at Interbike and in Vegas. Instant information wasn’t available at the time so for everyone to get the news at the same time is cool. I wasn’t actually there, I was a bit oblivious to bike stuff at the time. I went to a couple of races but just as a spectator to check things out, and to root my brother on.

A: Had you given up on BMX racing completely by then?

E: Yeah, I was done completely by ’88. I was still riding a little bit while hanging out with my brother a bit and so on but I’d already started my real estate career by then but at the same time I would hang out with all those guys as they all had their winter training camps in san Diego. We had some swiss friends who would come, Steve Peat and Greg Minnaar would come down, they’d all rent a house at the beach and they’d hang out down there. That’s how I got to know Mick Hannah and that lot too, they’d come down for their training camps.