Cretto di Burri

Updated: May 26

IMAGES: Miloš Štáfek

Riding through the maze of the dead in Gibellina, Sicily.

Whether it's fate or good luck that brings you to Sicily, take my advice and head straight to Gibellina. You'll be rewarded with one of the greatest examples of land art in the World. Gibellina is a city that was destroyed after the 1968 Belice earthquake - this dedicated masterpiece was imprinted onto its remaining slopes by the Italian artist, painter, sculptor, and physician Alberto Burri.

Someone said that the place is haunted, yet no amount of local superstition could have prevented us from making the trip from Port Marsala. We drove an old and extremely narrow road leading through the mountains with absolutely no room to pass - luckily there wasn't any opposing traffic. On arrival and at first glance, the entire area seemed to be completely deserted.

The darkness seemed overwhelming as we set up camp for the night - we only could see as far as the van headlights shone. Nearby, we noticed several cars parked in the dark with foggy windows, secretly hiding Sicilian romance stories inside.

Our photographer Miloš disappeared after a while, equipped just with a headlamp and a photo bag, intent on capturing the night sky. Miloš never gets back before midnight, so I hit the hay. Good night buddy and good luck with t